Blessings outweigh the sacrifices!

It's impossible to make a sacrifice for God!

The greatest manifestation of our love for God and others is not the mere giving of our material things and personal possessions, but the sharing of ourselves and our personal services for others!

When you first begin to give of yourself, it may temporarily look like you're losing something or sacrificing a little bit, but in the long run you're going to find out you're not going to really be sacrificing at all! You're just going to be investing, and the returns are going to be far beyond anything you have invested and far surpass any sacrifice you could possibly have made!--Like Dr. David Livingstone, the wealthy British missionary who pioneered the jungles of Africa and died there, said, "I never made a sacrifice!" He gave everything, but knew that what he was getting in return was worth much more than everything he could possibly give! Although he gave his life, he reaped eternal life and dividends in immortal souls, thousands saved forever!

So invest your life and your all in the Rock, Christ Jesus, and in God's Work!--And you'll have eternal dividends from investment in His Work that you will never lose, but reap forever! God will bless you for it!

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