A man praying for a job.

The Lord really leaves a lot up to us and our concern and prayer!

You'd be surprised how much God depends on our prayers, how concerned we are and how interested we are. When we are faced with a needy situation, He wants us to show concern and pray specifically about it. If we really believe, every prayer is heard and answered. But if we don't pray, it is not done! God can do anything, but He puts the responsibility of prayer on us!

The very intensity with which we pray and really mean it or desire it is reflected in the answer! The recipients of our prayers are not going to receive any more than we send. We have to visualise the people or situations we're praying for and pray with that thought on our heart, asking the Lord specifically for what we want Him to do.--And then our prayer will reflect or be answered with the same intensity as it originated. Like a beam of light focused on a mirror, it will bounce back with as much power as it began with. If we only pray with half a heart we only get half an answer. But if we pray with our whole heart, we get a whole-hearted strong answer!

Are you using prayer power?--Heaven will reveal what good we have done--or could have done--through prayer!

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