Man giving to God's Work..

You can't take your money with you when you die!--But you can send it on ahead!

When it comes to God and His Work, it's good business to give to the Lord! It's a good investment, earning the highest possible rate of interest and dividends of anything you can possibly invest in, because He has promised you 100-fold in this life, and in the World to come, life eternal! (Mk.10:30)

The richest people in God's Kingdom are going to be those who shared the most with Him and His. But there is also the other side of the coin, as illustrated by the well-known tale about the rich woman being led to her Heavenly Home by an Angel. They walked past many beautiful mansions where other Christians were living, until finally they got to a poor section of shanties, and the Angel led her through the gate into the yard of a tiny hut. "What's the big idea?" she said, "I'm used to very fine living!"

"Well," the Angel answered, "our abodes up here are built of what each person sends on before, and this is all you sent!"--Whereas others had sacrificed and lived their whole lives for the Lord and helped many others, and great was their reward in Heaven! (Lk.6:35) Are you investing in God's Service and in His Kingdom by giving to the Lord?

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