We're not going to Heaven!--Heaven is coming down to us!

We're not going to Heaven!--Heaven is coming down to us!

The place we're going to dwell with the Lord forever hereafter is not some fanciful dreamland way off in outer space, but an even more amazing dream city that is going to come down from God, out of space, to a New Earth!--And God's going to come down and live with us and we with Him! Think of that! The Dwelling Place of God is going to be with men! (Rev.21:2,3)

But first the Lord is going to purge, purify and renew the whole Earth, so that it will be perfect, beautiful, like the Garden of Eden, a New Heaven and a New Earth, and then the Holy Heavenly City--1,500 miles long, 1,500 miles wide and 1,500 miles (1500 miles = 2400 kilometers) high--is going to come down and the Lord will be restored forever as the King of kings and His Kingdom will be established as the New World order! It will be beautiful, gorgeous, incomparable, almost indescribable, the most gorgeous sight you'll ever want to see!--Full of precious stones and jewels, and best of all full of precious souls!

Are you going to be able to walk in that City? The Bible says, "Only the saved shall walk therein." (Rev.21:24) You don't want to miss that, do you?--Then receive Jesus as your Saviour now!

Note from James: If you stayed with me this long, I'm sure you probably know Jesus Christ as your Saviour! I should have included this message toward the beginning of this series.

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