Praying for a good car

First impressions are usually the right ones, if you're truly following the Lord!

If you love the Lord, are filled with His Spirit, and are sincerely seeking His Will, usually your first reaction is the right one. God speaks first. It can just be in that "still small voice" that you feel inside of you, sometimes it's not even words, just an impression that you have. (1Ki.19:12) God doesn't even have to communicate in words. He can just give you a feeling or a picture or an idea.

If you stay in His Will and obey, you'll have a strong clear channel and really get the picture tuned in loud and clear. When you are in tune with the Spirit, you will be hearing from the Spirit of God the right answers. So tune in and the Lord will fill you--your mind, your heart, your ears, your eyes! Get not only in prayer, but get in the Spirit, and He'll tell you what you're supposed to do.

You just have to have faith. When you ask the Lord for an answer, expect an answer, and take the first thing that comes. If you really believe and ask the Lord, and you want to hear or see, you won't be disappointed! And that thing you see or hear with the eyes or ears of your spirit, that's the Lord! Expect God to answer!

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