A mill

God's wheels of judgement grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine!

God moves kind of slowly, but He moves very thoroughly. The picture of His judgements is two great millstones grinding the grain: The grain is poured through the hole in the top millstone, which turns around and around, and the grain works its way out from the center to the edge of the stone. By the time the grain is out to the edge it's like fine powder or dust and you have flour instead of grain. Although His wheels of justice sometimes seem to grind exceeding slow, they eventually grind exceeding fine, and he that fails to be broken upon the Rock of God will someday find the Rock falling upon him and crushing him to powder and dust which the winds of His judgements will blow away, and the place thereof shall know him no more! (Mat.21:44)

But we can thank the Lord that "judgement begins at the House of the Lord!" (1Pet.4:17) We're the House of the Lord and we're already judged by the Lord, because we've accepted Him and received Him as payment for our sins. Therefore we don't have to undergo the literal judgements that the World and the unsaved are going to suffer. (1Cor.11:31,32) Thank You, Jesus, for taking our punishment for us!

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