Jesus watching dishes - us!

Every day He has to cleanse us.

Believe it or not, everybody who believes in Jesus is a saint. Most of us think that means to be made permanently holy, but actually "saint" and "sanctify" both come from a Greek word meaning to be cleansed and separated and set aside for further use. We may not be perfect or sinless saints, but we're made holy by His blood. Jesus takes us, dirty as we are with sin, and He washes away our sins with His blood, and our evil thoughts with His Word. (1Jn.1:7; Rev.7:14b; Eph.5:26)

Sanctification is not just a one-time thing that takes place when you receive Salvation. It is a constant process. When Jesus washed His disciples' feet at the Last Supper (Jn.13:4-12), what He was really trying to illustrate is that once you're cleansed by the Lord, born again, once is enough. But even if you are a new creature, if you go walking and wading through the filth of this World as you serve the Lord, you have to have a little bit of washing every day. Is there ever a day that passes that we don't sin?--Not really, none of us are perfect. We're human, and daily He has to cleanse us--our minds, our thoughts, our bodies, our actions, our words. We have to be washed and set aside again and again. Jesus has done it, and He continues to do it all!

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