The meek shall inherit the earth

"The meek shall inherit the earth!" (Matthew 5:5)

The whole World is in the Lord's hands.--It's His World. The Devil has stolen it away for a little bit, but it will soon be back fully in His hands! And then at last the meek shall inherit the Earth! Right now the ungodly powers of this World reign by their cruel, selfish, dog-eat-dog philosophy which gives the World to the strongest, but during the coming Kingdom of Christ on Earth it will be given to those who really have the right to govern because of their love and meekness and forgiveness and faith in God and His Word! Then, under the supreme reign of Jesus Himself, the pitiful little bands of persecuted Christians and believers are going to inherit the Earth and run it by love and the power of God! (Dan.7:27)

These weakest and meekest will become the most powerful influences on the Earth, who will rule the World with both love and a "rod of iron" of loving force to compel the nations to submit to the laws of God and to obey His rules of life, love, health and happiness for a reign of "peace on Earth toward men of good will!" (Rev.2:26,27)

God bless you with faith and yieldedness to Him here and now, so you can rule with Him there and then!

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