Christians are the Temple of God

"Ye are the temple of the Holy Spirit of God!" (1Cor.3:16)

We ourselves are the very temple of God!--You and me!--His children, living with Him day by day and having our own hearts as His place of worship!

His Church has always been the body of believers, the fellowship of the Saints, the assembly of the Saints. The word "church" comes from the Greek word "ecclesia", meaning the called-out ones, or the separated ones! The church is not the building! It's the people!

Christian worship in the early days needed no buildings, no great temples built with hands of men, which could not contain God anyway! (Acts 7:48) They worshipped Him in homes, in upper rooms, in basements, in the market place, beside the river and in the forest under the trees--wherever they happened to be!--And Christianity soon covered the Earth--because the Apostles obeyed and went out! Instead of building buildings, they went out and built the true Church of Jesus Christ in the hearts of men!--"The living stones", as Peter calls us! (1Pet.2:5)

He dwells within the human heart! Buildings cannot contain Him, but your heart contains the Lord Jesus Christ if you love Him! (Gal.4:6)

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