Eat right, work right, play right, rest right, love right!

It's better to stay healthy than to have to be healed!

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! A fence at the top of the cliff is better than a hospital at the bottom!--And the best way to prevent illness is to obey God's natural laws: Live right, eat right, work right, play right, rest right, love right and maintain a right relationship with Him!

You just cannot violate God's health laws and abuse your body and expect to be healthy, because God made you with a built-in self-destruct to punish you if you disobey!

God made these rules for reasons. What are they for?--He makes the rules because He loves you and wants to protect you and keep you, and He wants you to keep the rules to help keep yourself! After all, if He created you, He knows what is best for you! (Exo.15:26)

So work on the ounce of prevention now, rather than worrying about the pound of cure later. Follow the common sense rules for good health by taking care of His creation and giving it the proper maintenance its Creator knows that it needs! Observe them as best you can, and they will help you be healthier and happier! God bless and keep you in good health!

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