Keep on believing!

Keep on believing!

Many of us have gone through dry desert-like experiences, wandering about in the wastes of this World, feeling lost and seemingly separated from God Himself.

If you find yourself in such a state, instead of lamenting that you have missed His Will, keep on believing and praising the Lord!--And encourage your faith more with His Word. Repent of your wrongdoings and ask God to forgive you so you can have another chance at His Will and His highest and best!--Then like a bird whose pinion once was broken, you may fly even higher than before!

Don't ever quit, don't ever give up, don't be discouraged! Maybe you missed the first opportunity, but maybe you haven't missed the last one.

"Keep on believing!--The storm will pass;
Look for the rainbow, 'twill come at last;
Trust in His promise, 'twas written for you;
Keep on believing and praise your way through!"

Ask Him for another chance, and He will send along another golden opportunity to encourage you and carry you along in the power of His Spirit to the glorious victory of your Heavenly destination! Keep on holding on to His promises! And whatever you do, keep on going for Jesus!

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