Wait on the Lord! (Psalm 27:14)

"Wait on the Lord!" (Psalm 27:14)

What does that really mean, "Wait on the Lord"? Well, a lot of people have taken that to mean they're supposed to sit around doing nothing while they wait for God to do something. They're waiting for God to do something for them rather than with them. Well, that's not waiting on God!--God's probably waiting on them to get busy!

Finding God's Will is not just sitting around doing nothing!--It's doing what you can, what you know you should do. To "wait on the Lord" is like a servant waits on his master. That's the kind of waiting the Lord is talking about. "Wait on the Lord" like a waiter or a waitress, serve the Lord, keep busy!

That's what we do for the house of God: We are His servants taking care of His household, His children. We spiritually feed and clothe them and take care of them, and He really is grateful for our help and admires us for our service. The picture of waiting on the Lord is like waiters and waitresses waiting on a customer, where the customer is king and can do no wrong! That's serving the Lord, that's waiting on the Lord, that's ministering to the Lord and others!

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