Rising from bed, rising from the dead.

Healing is a sample of resurrection!

Pain is a touch of Hell, healing is a touch of Heaven! Healing is a sample of everlasting life, renewal of the body, cure of disease. It's a touch of resurrection!

When we experience salvation, we get a little sample of what eternal life and Heaven are going to be like. We have "tasted of the Heavenly gift and the powers of the World to come", as His Word says. (Heb.6:4,5) Likewise, when we get healed we have a little sample of what God is going to do one of these days. We don't have the full resurrection yet but we can have a little touch once in awhile! (Rom.8:11) We already have His healing power manifest in our bodies through the Lord's healing, but it will not be really complete until we receive our eternal supernatural indestructible bodies on which death no longer has any power or claim whatsoever!

When Jesus returns and we're transformed as we receive our new bodies, that will be the best healing of all! That will be the final healing! Then we won't have any more diseases, or sickness, or pain! That's permanent healing, final resurrection! Hallelujah! (1Cor.15:51-57)

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