Giving to God

Does your Christianity reach down into your pockets?

King David once said, "I will not give unto the Lord that which hath cost me nothing!" (2Sam.24:24) It doesn't really count until it costs you something to give, and you are really sacrificing to give, and when you can say, "The love of Christ constraineth me!" (2Cor.5:14)

Remember the little widow who gave her last two mites? When Jesus saw it, He said that she had given even more than the rich, who had only cast in a little of their abundance! Although the smallest of all coins, only part of a penny, it was ALL she had and the Lord gave her more credit than He did them, by indicating that she had given more than they, because she had given all she had--even more than it seemed she should!--And the Lord honoured her for it! (Mk.12:42-44)

"Give and it shall be given unto you." (Lk.6:38)--That has never failed! That is a law of God, more sure than the law of gravity. You can even cast in all your living and still not hurt because God will bless you for it. If your motive is right and your intentions are good and pure, God will bless you for giving, and honour and prosper you for it!

How much has it cost you? Does it hurt? Are you really giving sacrificially to God and His work of Love?

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