Why does the Lord allow the Devil to test us?

Why does the Lord allow the Devil to test us?

God protects His children, but has anything bad ever happened to you since you've been saved? Has the Lord ever let the Enemy touch you in some way through an accident, affliction, mistake or trouble? "Not a hair of your head falls except the Father knoweth it!" (Mat.10:30; Lk.21:18)--But He does ALLOW it sometimes!

Look at what happened to JOB! Was it his fault? Had he sinned? No.--It happened because the DEVIL asked God if he could test and tempt Job to see if he could break him and make him deny the Lord! The Lord let him take away all Job's wealth, then his family, and finally his health. It was all a test, perpetrated by the Devil but allowed by the Lord in order to show that Job really loved Him in spite of it all!

The Lord will not allow us to be tempted above that which we are able to bear. (1Cor.10:13) He doesn't let the Devil give us more than we can take, but He does let him test our faith to see if we'll really flee to the Lord and quote His Word and take a stand of faith. It's one way the Lord has of trying to keep you close to Him, constantly dependent upon Him and His protection!--And when we pass the test, God always delivers us!--Like He did Job!

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