God's angel showing a lonely man some real love!

The only Bible that most of the world reads is the one bound in shoe leather: you and me!

Many people will not read the Bible, but they will read a Christian! And though they may doubt some of what you say, they will always believe what you do!

The only Love of God that people can see is the love they see in you, and if you don't show them a love they can see and feel, they're going to have a hard time believing that there is Someone up there Whom they don't know, and that He really loves them! They must learn to love you first before they can learn to love God.

In winning people, you have to inspire their faith in YOU, before they can believe God, because they cannot understand or believe what you have to say about God unless you really show them by some visible tangible work that puts your words into action and puts your faith into effect and makes it fact and not fiction, a sample, not just a sermon. Show them His real Love and manifest it by genuine proving action!

The only way that others will ever find His joy and peace and Love and happiness and Heaven is through you!--So in everything you do, remember that the Lord wants you to show this World how wonderful it is to belong to Him! (Mat.5:16)

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