Alcoholic man finds Jesus!

Put God to the test! Prove He exists!

Perhaps you're like a lot of people who say they don't believe in God, but aren't really atheists. Maybe you simply haven't made a final decision because you haven't had a real chance to know the Truth! But even if you have doubts or questions on your mind or heart that need answering in order for you to be convinced, if you're SINCERE and really want the answers, if you really want to know God, He will show you!

Even if you don't believe in God or the Bible or anything else, you can put God in a test tube and PROVE He exists!--And YOU are the tube! You just need to put God in YOU and see what HAPPENS! If you'll just sincerely pray, "God, if there is a God out there somewhere, SHOW me! REVEAL Yourself!"--And He WILL! Once you admit the possibility, then you're giving God a chance and there's a tiny spark of faith, a little mustard seed of faith has begun to grow! And God will honour that faith by letting you see and feel and know the proof!

God loves faith! He loves us because we believe Him!--And once you believe, then He will prove Himself in many ways so that you will no longer have to believe purely by faith. He will prove Himself to you by answers to prayers and miracles, even by the change in your own life!

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