The fruits of Darwinism.

The Christian world has abandoned their faith for the teaching of evolution, and the result is total chaos!

By abandoning God, the Bible and Christianity, and putting nothing in its place except the animalistic, cannibalistic religion of Evolution, the World is plunging itself into total anarchy and total confusion!--Because you cannot have any kind of order without some kind of moral basis, a code of conduct, a sense of right and wrong, good and evil.

The logic of Evolution is, if you're just a beast, then live like one! After all, if there's no Planner then there's no Plan! If there's no Ruler then there are no rules! If there's no Judge then there's no judgement! If there's no God then there's no right or wrong! If life is only "the survival of the fittest", then there are no crimes! (Rom.1:28)

To abandon the Ruler they had to throw away all the rules, and the result is total anarchy! To abandon the One Who gives the orders they had to abandon order, and the result is total chaos! To get rid of God they had to get rid of the absolutes--the right and the wrong, and the meaning and the reason for things--and the result is total insanity, madness, leaving the World Hell-bent for destruction! "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind!" (Hos.8:7)

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