Jesus is the Door!

Jesus is the Door!

Have you passed through the beautiful open gate of Salvation, Jesus, into the whole new Heavenly World of new life in Him? You can! It's so wonderful!--Like passing from darkness into light, from death into life through God's Love, mercy and Salvation in Jesus!

Jesus called Himself the Door! (Jn.10:7,9) He said, "Behold! I am the Door you have to get through to get into My Father's House. There isn't any other entrance you can go through to get in but by Me!"--There's no other Door than Jesus Christ Himself!

Jesus is an open Door.--Not a locked Door, not even a shut Door. You don't even have to be able to reach the doorknob! The Door is already wide open by Jesus and all you have to do is see the Door, believe it is open for you and walk through it by faith, receive Jesus, and you're saved!--You've entered the Heavenly sphere of Salvation, Heaven on Earth, the Kingdom of God, just by walking through that open Door!

All you have to do is receive Jesus Christ as the Son of God! Then He knows you and you know Him. And every time you come to His Door it will be standing wide open. He'll say, "Welcome, come in! I love you!"

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