Jesus says there will be not more rain till you start loving your neighbors!

Eventually He's going to force the whole world to obey, whether they like it or not!

Christ's coming is literally going to be an invasion from Outer Space!--And when He finally takes over, He's going to take over by force, "with power and great glory!" (Mat.24:30) Out of Heaven will come the great hosts of Heaven with Jesus in the lead on a white horse to destroy the Antichrist and his kingdom in the great Battle of Armageddon! (Rev.19)--And we will take over the World, by God's power, and make this World live the way it should have lived! (Rev.20:4)

His Word says, "We shall then rule and reign with Him over the nations with a rod of iron!" (Rev.2:26,27) It will be a mandatory rule of loving force to compel the nations to submit to the laws of God and to recognise His authority. It's going to be an enforced rule, a strong, iron dictatorship over the unsaved, otherwise they would never obey. Everyone will be compelled and forced to obey whether they like it or not!--A completely total totalitarian dictatorship of the righteous with Jesus Christ as dictator! Only then shall all wicked and vengeful men of war be stopped at last.--And only then shall the men of peace and the God of peace and the Prince of Peace rule and reign and bring "peace on Earth"! (Lk.2:14)

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