God's creation!

God's creation is His love manifest toward you!

Does God love you? You can see it and you can feel it in the beautiful World He's given you to live in.--Just to look around you at the beautiful Creation is to see the Love of God! Just look at the World and you'll know that God loves you! His Love is obvious from all that He's made for you to enjoy! (Rom.1:20)

Look at the patience and mercy of God! To every man ever born He has at some time sent His Light to enlighten his darkened heart with the Love of God, to show him His Love! (Jn.1:9)--He showers all this beauty and blessing not only on the just but even upon the unjust who really don't deserve His Love and His Mercy. He still sends them sunshine almost every day, and rain to make the flowers grow, the beautiful trees, the grass, the sky, the clouds, the Heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars, God's wonderful Creation! (Mat.5:45)

If you don't believe God loves you, just look around at His blessings!--This beautiful life, this wonderful World to live in, this marvellous, beautiful Creation that you see all around you! What more can He say? He didn't have to make the World so beautiful. He did it just for you!

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