Love is the most important thing in our religion!

Love is the most important thing in our religion!

The Bible preaches free love!--Free Love of God through Jesus Christ, His Son! He blesses us with other kinds of love too. They're all important, but His is all-important!--This is the religion and the principles that we are to practice: Love for God and love for others! Love is the religion which Jesus Himself taught, the Good News that God is Love! (1John 4:8) True love, real love, God's Love, is all the religion you need! This unselfish sacrificial love includes the love of one human being for another, and love in all forms, as long as it is true love, real love, God's Love.

"Love God...and love thy neighbour as thyself!...On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets!" (Mat.22:37-40) That's all the laws of the whole Bible put together--love! If you have love you have everything!--You are fulfilling all the laws of God! Herein is our salvation and message!--Love!--True love, the Love of God and the love of our fellowman!--For it is the Spirit of God's divine Love which helps us all to fulfil His Great Commandment to love one another!

Thank God for such sweet love in the Lord, love in the Spirit, love for one another!--Isn't it wonderful to have love? When you have God you have love, because God is Love!

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