Mosaic Law compared to Jesus' law of love.

Everything must be judged from the standpoint of love.

When Jesus came He abolished all other laws but Love! He gave one law which fulfils all the laws of the Bible, both old and new, and that is Love!--Love for God and fellow man! (See Mat.22:37-39.) Jesus' Law of Love is all-encompassing, all fulfilling and completely above and beyond any other law. God's only law is now Love, and as long as something is done in love, with real unselfish, even sacrificial love, God's Love, then it is absolutely lawful in God's eyes.

We are not judged by how well we keep the endless, legalistic commandments of the old law--we are judged only by how much love we have and how much we give and how much we share. God now only judges us according to whether we have love or no love--whether we have love or hate--whether what we do is done for love, or selfishness and lack of love. Is it doing good or is it doing evil? Are you helping or hindering?

The only rule we can go by in every case is, "Is it love? Was it done in love?" If you know you're acting in love, then you can go ahead by faith according to God's Word and you don't need any other laws to go by, you don't need any other laws to confirm it. You're on your own according to God's only Law of Love.--So love!

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