Jesus welcoming man to Heaven!

"She hath done what she could!" (Mark 14:8)

Remember that little quote that Jesus said about the dear woman who anointed Him before His death? He said, "She hath done what she could!"--Maybe you feel you can't do very much, but at least you can do what you can! If you're faithful, God is going to greatly reward you one of these days soon when you stand before Jesus at the "Judgement Seat of Christ". (Rom.14:10) So be sure you're doing a good work so that when you pass on to be with the Lord you will know you have done your job the best you can! Then you can look forward to eternal rewards and everlasting glory, with a feeling of genuine permanent accomplishment from a life of investment in His Work!

Have you done what you could? If you don't, you will lose your reward, miss the fruits of glorious victory, and another will take the crown that God has intended for you! (Rev.3:11) Are you going to be sorry?--Sorry for your sins of omission as well as sins of commission? May God help you, so you won't have to make the eternal lament of, "If I only had!" when the opportunity is gone forever!

"I am satisfied with Jesus, but the question comes to me as I gaze at Calvary, `Is my Saviour satisfied with me?'"

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