A loving work relationship!

"His banner over me is love!" (Song of Solomon 2:4)

The Bible says, "God is Love", so we know that Love is God. (1John 4:8) Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love. (Mat.22:36-40)--This should be what we teach and preach, our message, our life, our goal, our everything: To love God and our neighbours as ourselves! Love is an emotion. It is something which causes you to move into action to do something good. Then you can move others.--Emoting them into motion or emotion by the loving power of God's Holy Spirit!

So step out by faith and talk to someone today about God's Love and try to make them happy! There are wonders of love that you yourself can enjoy along with some other lonely soul--if you will only try! If you give love, you'll get love! It multiplies and grows like the bread and the fish and the cruse of oil and the barrel of meal! The more you give, the more you get, and you give and give and give, and you get and get and get! (See Mat.14:15-21; 1Kings 17:11-16; 2Kings 4:2-6.)

In Jesus' name, give us love today, Lord.--That we may bring the peace and happiness and joy of the Love of Jesus Christ in our hearts to this weary old World! Thank You Jesus!

Love wasn't put in your heart to stay.
Love isn't love--REAL love--till you give it away!

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