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Comments from a person who subscribed to the Daily Mights

Dear James,

I have read your message 16 several times. I am amazed how each word seems to be particularly destined to me at the moment.

All the messages you send go to several persons like in a course, am I right? If so, then I can say that this one was brought to me at the right moment. It is as if it's a direct answer to what I mentioned in my last email to you.

In reply to your message I just have to say: Am I enjoying these messages?_ Of course, much more than enjoying_ I have been positively caught by them. I'm sure they're helping me to become a better Christian, even I acknowledge having still a long way to reach God's view on me.

I heartily thank you James for this precious gift which you granted me through Deep Truths Messages.

For sure I'll recommend them to my relatives and friends living in Australia.

But James even if you save only one person, I think it's a priceless mission. But if you consider that each person who receives your Messages does not only bring the fruit for him alone, but the good results of your Messages do spread to all those whom that person is in contact with. So you can say that the number of persons touched by Deep Truths Messages is countless.

Once more I thank you heartily James. May God bless you.

Truly yours,
Dear James,

I have no word to express my gratitude to you for the holy mission you're accomplishing through your messages. I had read St. John Chapter 1 several times before this day, but I never had realized to what extent it expresses the whole meaning of our existence; " God's love " and the most marvelous event God imagined to show it to us : Sending His own Son.

James, to-day I have read your message 106, again and again. It seems to me that it penetrates the very core of my heart. I have remained still for a moment to allow it to elect dwelling within me. Then, as my husband was nearby I called him and read to him the message. And you know what ? He came and sat near me, as if he too wanted to be impregnated by the perfume of the message.

And it's not all. This Message 106 coincide with the 23rd birthday of my boy, whose miraculous existence and well-being is a proof of God's love. I had been praying for him since I woke up this morning. And now after reading your message, I am thanking and praising God for that child.

My Dear friend, James, there are things and events in our lives which call us to only close our eyes and adore our Almighty God and Father. And you form part of these.

May God - LOVE pour upon you torrents of his graces which will overflow and reach all people who will be in whatever link with you.

Your friend,

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