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Evolution Exposed

Compiled from the writings of David Brandt Berg

The concoction of evolution

Most people today have been so deceived into believing that the theory of Evolution is true, that it never even occurs to them to question or doubt it! Even many so-called Christians automatically believe the "high priests" of the modern "sacred cow" of science and they swallow the lie of Evolution, ignorant of the Bible's warning to "avoid the profane and vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called!"--1Timothy 6:2O. This Scripture describes the theory of Evolution exactly, for Evolution is not a true science at all!

The World has become so deceived, that Evolution is now referred to in most textbooks as "the Great Principle" of biology. But according to the dictionary, a "principle" means a "foundation truth", a "fact". But there is NO proof for the theory of Evolution!--Therefore it must be believed by faith. Yet at the Chicago Darwinian Centennial in 1959 when Sir Julian Huxley addressed his speech to the congregation of 2,5OO delegates, he said, "Evolution has no room for the supernatural...We all accept the fact of Evolution... Evolution of life is no longer a theory. It is a fact...the basis of all our thinking." A "fact" that can't be proven, however, is not a fact!-And in the following pages, we shall point out WHY Evolution is not a fact, but a mere theory instead.

At the core of Evolutionary theory is the big assumption that life somehow arose from non-life by pure blind chance.--That "there simply `happened' to be the right chemicals in the right place, in the right arrangement, it was just the right time and conditions, and then suddenly!--Presto! Some unknown electro-chemical process took place and life created itself!"--Evolutionists dogmatically assure us. But as Princetown University Professor of Biology, Edwin Conklin, said, "The probability of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing shop."

As for the so-called "simple cell", from which the Evolutionists say all living creatures have evolved, "Look" magazine stated, "The cell is as complicated as New York City!" Evolutionist Loren Eisley likewise admitted in his book, "The Immense Journey": "Intensified effort has revealed that even the supposedly simple amoeba is a complex self-operating chemical factory. The notion that it was merely a simple blob turned out to be, at best, a monstrous caricature of the truth!"

Can you imagine: A dictionary or a chemical factory...or New York City coming into existence by itself--Poof!--Without any assistance from an intelligent designer, planner or creator? Such is the "logic" of Evolution's assumption that the infinitely complex "simple" cell accidentally came together, then became alive by blind, unguided chance! Commenting on this, the British biologist Woodger said, "It is simply dogmatism--asserting that what you want to believe, did in fact happen!"

According to the Bible, all of today's plant and animal forms belong to fixed species, of which each was individually created by God and has remained in its present form since Creation! Evolution, however, states that all life forms are constantly changing and "evolving" into different, "more advanced" life forms, and that therefore there really is no such thing as a set "species", since all life forms are related, having evolved from the same basic ancestor, and are even now still in a constant state of change!--So say the Evolutionary theorists!

This is in direct contradiction to God's Word which states that God created all living creatures "after their KIND" and able to bring forth seed or fruit "after their kind." ("Kind" is the King James Bible translation of the Hebrew word "min", today translated more accurately as "species".)

We have never heard yet, & they've never proved yet that any dog ever became a cat or a cat a dog! There are all kinds of dogs and all kinds of cats, but there are no dog-cats or cat-dogs! Because God created everything "after its own kind" and they can't possibly get OUT of that kind! These facts even disturbed Darwin, who questioned: "Why, if species have descended from the other species by fine gradation, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion, instead of the species being as we see them, well defined?" The answer to his question is simple! All he had to do was read Genesis chapter one, and he could have known that species have not descended from OTHER species, but were CREATED by GOD in orderly, set "kinds", and THAT'S why all nature is not in confusion!

But some people question: "Haven't the scientists working with genetics produced new species of hybrid plants and animals? Doesn't this prove that entirely new species could evolve from interbreeding between different parent species?" No. The accepted definition among the scientific community of a "species" is: "A group of organisms that freely interbreed and produce fertile offspring." The rare hybrids that can be produced are not "fertile offspring", but are sterile! As the Collegiate encyclopedia acknowledges: "The infertility of species hybrids is one mechanism by which species can remain distinct."

God Himself has placed the barrier of sterility against the mixing up of His original appointed "kinds". A good example of this is the MULE, which is a species hybrid between a male ass and a female horse. Although outwardly appearing to be a new species, or "kind", it is impossible for a male and female mule to reproduce mule offspring. The only way is to continually cross a male ass with a female horse. That God-ordained biological principle was even verified by the Evolutionary professor of zoology, Richard B. Goldschmidt, who wrote, "Nowhere have the limits of the species been transgressed, and these limits are separated from the limits of the next good species by the unbridged gap, sterility."

You might ask, "But what about the extensive radiation experiments that have produced actual mutations and changes in creatures such as the fruitfly? Isn't this ample evidence to prove that similar mutations could be the 'chief building blocks of Evolutionary change' as Sir Julian Huxley has called them, and as most scientists and educators today claim them to be?"

The answer to this is that though fruit flies have been the subject of countless experiments in which they are bombarded with radiation, resulting in many mutations, the mutations produce deformities, only dwarfed bodies, shriveled wings etc.--They never produce a new "kind"! None of the many thousands of scientific experiments with mutations have EVER produced a new species of animal or plant!--Never! All of the geneticists and Evolutionists, with all their knowledge, and under "perfect" laboratory conditions...using modern radiation equipment (which multiplies the occurence of mutation a MILLION-fold), have utterly failed to mutate or to change one "kind" into another! They can't even do it when they deliberately attempt to under ideal conditions!--Yet these same Evolutionists somehow expect us to believe that blind, unguided chance has produced the millions of beautiful, varying and complex forms of life on Earth today!

To illustrate the effect of gene mutations on an organism, H. Kalmus stated in his book "Genetics", "A popular comparison would be with a watch; if a part of the mechanism is altered by some change, it is very unlikely that the watch will be improved by the accident."

A clear-cut example of the negative effects of gene mutations occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, at the end of World War II. The members of the populace that escaped immediate death from the hellish atomic bombs used against these cities were subjected to varying degrees of atomic radiation--resulting in thousands of mutations. None of these mutations produced any new superior, advanced forms of human beings as Evolution might lead us to expect. Instead, the poor victims of these gene mutations suffered deformities, damage & death!

Another crucial point is, if this complicated, fabricated framework of fiction called Evolution were true, then there should be more missing links dug up than anything else!--Right? If billions of years of Evolution had taken place, we'd be up to our ears in missing links! But in over 13O years of archaeological and paleontological excavations, literally hundreds of millions of fossils have been extracted from all fossil-bearing rock strata and NONE of them are "transitional forms" or missing links--they all obviously belong to a definite species! It is estimated that over 1OO,OOO different, distinct species of fossils have been found and categorised!--Yet no "links"! A.S. Romer, professor of zoology at Harvard University, recently summed up the present situation when he said, "'Links' are missing just where we most fervently desire them, and it is all too probable that the `links' will continue to be missing."

There are no man-apes and no ape-men, and all that baloney you read about and see pictures of in most biology textbooks is just hellish tommy-rot! Darwin claimed that "The Simiadae (monkeys) branched off into 2 great stems, the New World and the Old World monkeys; and from the latter, at a remote period, Man proceeded." However, scientists soon found it impossible to reconstruct a halfway believable Evolutionary chain showing Man rising directly from the ape family, so they cooked up a new theory!:

Modern Evolutionists now claim that Man came not from the apes, but from a more primitive primate who was the common ancestor of both apes and Man! But as the prominent Evolutionists who wrote the book "The Primates" confessed, "Unfortunately, the early stages of Man's Evolutionary progress along his individual line remain a total mystery." And as "The Scientific American" added, "The nature of the line leading to living Man remains a matter of pure theory."

Despite all this, most modern Evolutionists insist that Man descended from primates. To "prove" their theory, they point to the Australopithecines ("southern manapes")--whose fossils have been unearthed in Africa in recent years, and they hail them as "the missing link". A close look at the Australopithecines, however, reveals that they were not "human" at all! For example, their brains were only a THIRD as large as Man's, yet some Evolutionists THEORISE that they were toolmakers, and therefore Men.-But even this is highly disputed within Evolutionary circles! Famed anthropologist J.T. Robinson claims that the toolmaking was NOT done by these so-called "man-apes" at all, but by TRUE men. Evolutionist LeGros Clark warned: "There is no certain evidence that they possessed any of the special attributes which are commonly associated with the human beings of today. Evolutionist R.L. Lehrman wrote: "Australopithecus" was merely an upright intelligent ape, not a man. The small braincase bearing heavy ridges over the eyes was like that of any ape."

Next on the list is "Pithecanthropus Erectus", affectionately known as "Java Man" for short. He was "discovered" by Professor E. Dubois, follower of Ernest Haeckle (a German Evolutionist who concocted and was caught in several scientific frauds. Haeckle praised and perpetrated Evolutionary theory as a means by which he hoped to destroy Christianity and was the first to dream up the imaginary Evolutionary "Family Tree".)

Little does the uninformed person realise that Java Man was "reconstructed" from only a small fragment of a skullcap, 3 teeth and one thighbone--found over 5O feet apart in an old riverbed in Java! Neither do Evolutionists tell you that after the World had accepted this "link", Dr. Dubois himself confessed that `Java Man' was not a "primitive man", but a giant, tree-walking Gibbon! Yes, after further studying his fossils, Dubois came to the honest conclusion-and announced with certainty--that "Java Man" was merely an extinct ape and not half-ape, half-man! He was not the "missing link" after all!

Next: The "Piltdown Man" or Eoanthropus Dawsoni!: The "Encyclopedia Britannica", 1946 edition reported: "The discovery which ranks next in importance was made by Mister Charles Dawson at Piltdown, Sussex, between the years 1911 and 1915. He found the greater part of the left half of a deeply-mineralised human skull, also part of the right half; the right half of the lower jaw carrying the first and second molar teeth.--Amongst British authorities there is now agreement that the skull and the jaw are parts of the same individual."

However, it was later found out that the resurrection of the Piltdown Man involved considerable "monkey business"! "Science Newsletter" tells us: "One of the most famous fakes exposed by scientific proof was Piltdown Man, found in Sussex, England...and thought by some to be 5OO,OOO years old. After much controversy it turned out to be not a primitive man at all, but a composite of a skull of a modern man and the jawbone of an ape...The jawbone had been 'doctored' with bichromate of potash and iron to make it look mineralised." The skull was taken from a Medieval graveyard! Even the teeth had been filed down to look older! As "Reader's Digest" pointed out: "Every important piece proved a forgery. Piltdown Man was a fraud from start to finish!"

Since Evolutionists theorise that we evolved from the before-mentioned Australopithecines, they "logically assume" that these apes must've evolved into some brutish form of sub-human "Man" before becoming modern Man. And what would such a non-existent creature look like? Why, more or less human, but very hairy and with thick brows, walking with a stoop and very moronic-looking!--Just exactly what you'd expect a "missing link" to look like!

So when scientists discovered some very ancient human skeletons in the Neander Valley in Germany, they immediately called it "Neanderthal Man" and "reconstructed" his body and appearance to comform to what they thought a sub-human "Man" SHOULD look like!

But "The Collegiate Encyclopedia" wrote: "Neanderthal Man is traditionally pictured as having a bull neck, knock knees, a stooped gait, and a rather bestial appearance. The truth is that Neanderthal Man had none of these traits, he walked erect, and his appearance was as pleasant as that of contemporary Man!" In other words, "Neanderthal Man" looked just like US! And WHY?--Because so-called "Neanderthal Man" IS modern Man! The World has been deceived into believing that the ancient human skeletons they've excavated were the remains of a more "primitive" Man, when they are actually the remains of modern man who lived long ago! But Evolutionists would never admit that! c

The Encyclopedia continues: "A remarkable fact about Neanderthal Man is that in males, brain volume varied between 1,425 cc and 1,641 cc with an AVERAGE of 1553 CC. The average brain volume of Modern Man is about 135O CC. Thus, the average size of the brain in Neanderthal Man was substantially greater than it is in contemporary Man." So to theorise that Neanderthal Man "was a more primitive, less intelligent subhuman species" is absolutely absurd!

Another disturbing problem for Evolutionists is that the remains of modern-type Man have been found in the same rock strata as the so-called "prehistoric" Men!--Proving that Man existed at the same time as these upright apes as well as Neanderthal Man. Other remains of modern-type men found in a lower, older layer than their supposedly more primitive "prehistoric ancestors" were unearthed in 1947 at Fonte Chevade, France. "The Collegiate Encyclopedia" states: "In `Fonte Chevade Man' we have the evidence that Homo Sapiens (modern Man) actually preceded Neanderthal Man in order of appearance."

So here the Evolutionists have to admit that "Homo Sapiens", normal modern-type human beings, were running around at the same time as the so-called Pithecanthropines, and before the Neanderthals--both of whom we are "supposed" to have evolved from!--HA! In other words, Man DIDN'T descend from apes, but they co-existed at the same time as different, distinct species! Man is the same NOW as he was THEN and these apes would be too, except that they have become extinct!

It takes more faith to believe Evolution--this incredible, fictitious, confused, self-contradicting fairy tale of Man's origins--than it does to accept God's simple, inspired explanation in His Word! What about you? What do you believe?--The truth of God?--Or Evolution's foolish fables?

Most people today don't know what to believe! They don't know where they're going. They don't have any focal point of reality and don't know what life is all about or who they are, or if their being alive has any purpose or value! Since the devilish theory of Evolution has eroded the only sure foundation of Truth in their minds and hearts, they're left with nothing to base their lives on. 34. If you want God's plain simple TRUTH, all you have to do is humble yourself as a little child and ask Jesus to open your eyes and come into your life. This is why Jesus said, "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven!"--Matthew 18:3.

GOD is the only One Who can give meaning to the Universe and purpose to the planets and love to our hearts and peace to our minds and rest to our spirits and HAPPINESS to our lives and JOY to our souls and the wisdom to know that "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom" (Proverbs 9:1O), and "the wisdom of this World is foolishness with God"!--1Corinthians 3:19. Jesus said, "If ye continue in MY Words, ye shall know the TRUTH, and the Truth shall make you FREE!"--John 8:32. Free from sin, self, hypocrisy and the damnable lies which deceive and delude so many!--Like Evolution!

Why evolution is an unbelievable lie

(1) The word "science" literally means "to KNOW". Therefore, Evolution is NOT a TRUE science, because it canNOT be proven or "known"! Margaret Mead, the famed Evolutionist, said in the introduction to her book, "We as honest scientists must confess that there is NOT ONE IOTA of concrete evidence to support the theory of Evolution."

(2) Evolution is merely a philosophical set of BELIEFS that must be accepted by FAITH. In seeking to explain the origin of the Universe, the World, and the origin and nature of Man, it is literally a RELIGION!

(3) Evolution is anti-God! HITLER used it as his excuse for NAZISM, and KARL MARX stated that "Evolution is "the CORNERSTONE of COMMUNISM!" "By their FRUITS you shall KNOW them" (Matthew 7:2O), and Evolution's "fruit" is godless regimes, war and death!

(4) GOD created the many forms of animal and plant life within definite, well-defined "species", and as science has REPEATEDLY PROVEN--CONTRARY to Evolutionary belief--they cannot get OUT of their set species!

(5) Evolution claims that CHANCE MUTATIONS are "the basic building block of Evolutionary change". Despite MILLIONS of tests, however, Evolutionists have failed to beneficially alter even a single fruitfly!

(6) Not ONE single "missing link" between Man and ape has EVER been found!

(7) Evolution claims that all of Creation is constantly evolving into more complex forms. This assumption, however, is directly CONTRARY to a universally accepted, PROVEN LAW of Physics known as THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS which states: "ALL processes (left to themselves) go toward a greater state of DISORDER, DISORGANISATION, DISARRANGEMENT and LESS complexity."

(8) If you don't believe that the Genesis account of Creation is historically accurate and divinely authoratative, neither can you trust the writers of the Old and New Testament--who frequently QUOTED it--nor even JESUS Himself, Who quoted it in Matthew 19:4-5! (See also Luke 16:31.) But the Bible IS true!--GOD'S unfailing WORD!--Therefore we canNOT believe the Devil's lie of Evolution!--Amen?

Copyright © 1997 by The Family

James Arendt
James Arendt

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