Comparison of the top 7 Popular Bible translations of Daniel 9 verses 4 and 27 to the KJV

This article lists the 8 top selling Bible translations in the USA. The KJV is ranked number 2. Do they all teach the same things about the prophecy of the 70th Week of Daniel? I consider the correct translation of Daniel 9:27 to be of utmost importance. Why? It’s because most contemporary Protestant evangelicals believe … Read more

What Pope Francis wants to teach you about the Antichrist

There are numerous articles on the Internet entitled, “The End Times Book Pope Francis Wants You to Read”. It’s about a book written in 1907 by Robert Hugh Benson about the rise of Antichrist. One article from starts off: During an airplane news conference on his way back from the Philippines, Pope Frances referenced … Read more

History Unveiling Prophecy by H. Grattan Guinness

Henry Grattan Guinness D. D. (11 August 1835 – 21 June 1910) was an Irish Protestant Christian preacher, evangelist and author. He was the great evangelist of the Evangelical awakening and preached during the Ulster Revival of 1859 which drew thousands to hear him. He was responsible for training and sending hundreds of “faith missionaries” … Read more

Evidence that Textus Receptus IS the earliest and therefore most reliable Greek manuscript of the New Testament

This article is from pages 533 – 537 of a book scanned and sent to me in PDF format by my good friend, Dr. John Gideon Hartnett, a professor at the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia. It proves all modern translations of the New Testament have errors and omissions because they are not based … Read more

What early Protestants had to say about the 70th Week of Daniel

Daniel 9:24-27 is the famous “Seventy weeks” prophecy of the Book of Daniel. Most contemporary theologians and Bible scholars agree that verses 24 to 26 are talking about the Messiah, Jesus Christ, but they say the final “week” or seven years has not happened yet but will be the last seven years just before the … Read more

You Have Been Robbed!

As a primary brain washing strategist-writer Edward Bernays wrote in his textbook for mind manipulation-Propaganda, PROPAGANDA IS THE EXECUTIVE ARM OF THE INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT. What he meant was that complete media control and manipulation by the minority that really control the government was necessary in controlling the public in their thinking, shopping, voting. Today we … Read more


Discouragement is the Devil’s favorite weapon.–He tries to get you looking at your own mistakes, sins, weaknesses and failures. The Devil, the Accuser of the Saints, picks on all the little things, all the tiny little faults! If he can’t discourage you any other way, he tries to belittle you and belittle what you’re doing. … Read more


There are only two kinds of religions in the world: The religion of God, which is a religion of faith and grace–and all the false religions which are religions of self-works, self-righteousness and self-salvation! Cain was the first false religionist. He decided he would sacrifice whatever he wanted instead of what God had asked. He … Read more


All through the Bible the Lord miraculously empowered and protected His prophets and apostles.–And the same miracles of power, protection and judgement that occurred back in Bible times can happen now! God is the same, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!” (Heb.13:8). If Jesus could do those miracles in His day and … Read more


Those who are so proud of their own success and their own righteousness, who “thank God that I am not as other men” (Luk.18:11), look down on others and have no mercy, no compassion, no sympathy! But that’s not how God looks at our own righteousness! In His sight, self-righteous pride is the worst sin … Read more

Christianity in Crisis

The world has changed considerably in just my own lifetime of 64 years years. The media — radio, television, Hollywood films, magazines and newspapers have slowly and subtly changed the viewpoints and mindsets of an entire generation of Americans, and America has influenced the entire world. TV personality Bill Maher mocks Christians and their faith, … Read more

The 13 Obelisks of Rome

Did you know there are exactly 13 obelisks in Rome? Eight are from ancient Egypt and five are from ancient Rome. An obelisk has to do with Egyptian sun worship. See The first time the number 13 appears in the Bible is in Genesis 14:4 and it signified rebellion! Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, … Read more

The “Alien” / Fallen Angels Connection to the Vatican Conspiracy

Be warned that the Devil is going to use all he can to lead people astray, even so called “scientific” information about aliens from other planets. They are aliens, yes, however they are not from other planets but from another dimension — the spirit world! But I do not agree with what Bob Trefz is … Read more

The Origin of the false Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine

Three Jesuit Priests reinterpreted Daniel’s 70 weeks of prophecy; the Book of Revelation; and Ezekiel for the purpose of taking the heat of the Protestant Reformation away from the papacy. In the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, all the reformers looked at the Pope as the Antichrist prophesied of in the Bible! The three Jesuits … Read more

A Sincere Roman Catholic Priest Finds Contradictions in the Teachings of the Holy Fathers

This is from chapter 46 of Charles Chiniquy’s book, “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome”. If you are a Roman Catholic or was raised a Roman Catholic like I was, I dare say you will find this interesting. The most desolate work of a sincere Catholic priest is the study of the Holy Fathers. … Read more

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