Man showing affection to his horse

The best way is the love way!

This is what God's been working on all the time: To persuade us to do things through the right loving motivation, because we want to do what's right, because we love Him and others.--And using God's example, we also should try to persuade others to do the right thing out of love.

A horse can either love its Master, or it can be stubborn and wilful. A horse that is gentled through love takes a lot more time and patience to train, but it'll be a far better horse and much more obedient, if it is persuaded to obey through love rather than just breaking its will and forcing it to do it for fear of punishment!

If you gentle a horse and you teach that horse to love you and want to obey you and want to follow instructions and every little leading, it will be the best mount you could ever ride. But a horse that's had to be broken because he was stubborn, will continue to want to break the rules whenever he gets a chance! The best way is the gentle way and not the breaking way.

Certainly God has to have a lot of patience and love with us, so we should have patience and love with others! (Eph.4:32)

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