David pleading for God's mercy.

God's sinning saints give hope to you and me!

God lets us have a few great saints to be ideals and examples. But nearly every man of God in the Bible was a hero with clay feet and just as human as we are!

This is one of the proofs that the Bible is a supernatural miraculous book of God and not Man, because when Man writes history he covers up all of the failings and frailties and mistakes and sins of his heroes, whereas God's Book, the Bible, tells the whole story--not just the good parts! God's Word tells all the Truth and nothing but the Truth! God paints the picture just as black as it really is, to show you how bad Man can be without Him and without being in His Will. We're to learn from the things that He taught others in the past. These things were not only written for their sakes, He says, but they happened unto them for our sakes that we might learn and understand God's ways. (1Cor.10:11)

God's Word always portrays its heroes as they really were! It doesn't depict them as men who were perfect, supernatural and never made a mistake, but they were just ordinary men like you and me. They made big mistakes just like you and I do, and some committed horrible sins!--And yet they repented and God forgave, which gives all of us sinners hope!

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