A changed life!

You can change the world!

If sometimes you're discouraged with the World and the way it is, don't give up! We can accomplish some real good in this poor, sad, old World of ours by helping people find joy, happiness and Salvation in Jesus! You personally can start to change the World by planting the seeds of the Truth of God's Love one by one, in heart by heart, day by day, wherever you may be.--And God will cause those seeds to grow! They may seem only like tiny little buds at first, just insignificant little green shoots. What is that to the forest that's needed? Well, it's the beginning of the miracle of new life! So why not try it? If you have changed one life by the power of God's Love you have changed a part of the World! If you have even changed just your own life you've changed a whole universe, the sphere in which you live! And you have proven that there is hope that it can ALL be changed! If one life can be changed, it shows that it's possible for more lives to be changed, and the World can be changed, starting with just one person--maybe you!

And who knows, you may live to see the day when the World is changed and was changed through you!--All because you shared the Love of God with others!

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