Jesus loving a little girl.

Jesus and His Father's Love are the reason and purpose for all things!

Why did He make this wonderful World for you to enjoy? So you'd know that He loves you. Why did He want you to know He loves you? Because He wants you to love Him. God made you to love because He needed someone to love!

What is the whole duty of man? Solomon says it in Ecclesiastes: "This is the whole duty of man; to fear God and keep His commandments." (Ecc.12:13) But Jesus boiled it down to something even simpler: "Love the lord thy God with all thy heart, and thy neighbour as thyself." (Mat.22:37-40) He made it a more personal loving relationship between Him and you and me. Instead of "fear God", He said, "Love the Lord!" And instead of just "keep the commandments", He said, "Love thy neighbour as thyself. In this is fulfilled all the Law and the Prophets!"

You'll never be able to enjoy life to the full without Him, because He has created your own heart and life with a vacancy, a hollowness, an emptiness, an aching void that only He can fill. He saved one spot in your heart, the very core of your life, for Himself. He created you to love Him. You're His creation, you're His child, He wants you!

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