The Word of God is the Most Powerful Truth on Earth!

The Word of God is the Most Powerful Truth on Earth!

The pen is mightier than the sword. Men of God have seldom ruled empires, but they won worlds of men with their words, faith and ideas which captured hearts, minds, spirits and set them forever free! God's eternal Kingdom of His Words of life and love have conquered worlds of men's eternal spirits, far greater, longer-lasting and happier than Man's mere worldly empires of the sword! The Words of God's Prophets have crossed the ages and swept around the Earth and changed the course of nations! The words of their ideals have changed the hearts of men and given hopes for a better World! It's the Bible that's built great Christian Empires and saved millions from hopeless, Christless tombs and given the Love of God through Jesus to a World dying for His Love! His Words are Spirit and they are life. (Jn.6:63) Without them everything would be totally dead.

This is the most powerful weapon in the World, the Word of God. It can do more than split atoms!--It can change hearts, and no atom bomb has done that yet! It can change minds, but no number of bullets have ever done that! That's what the Words of Love can do, they change the hearts of men! (Heb.4:12)


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