Man tempted to smoke!

Beware of compromising!

The Devil will do everything he can to tempt you to forsake God's way.--And if he can't get you to stop, he tries to get you to compromise. He tempts you with half-truths that make you doubt your convictions or not live up to them fully.

Most people don't realise that if they hold one little thing back from the Lord, one little compromise, they're on their way to backsliding!--Because one little disobedience leads to another, one little refusal and denial leads to another, and one bit of selfishness leads to more. You may think, "Oh, just this one little tiny sin, just this little thing--it's not important!" But that little crack in your armour is where the Devil begins to seep in, and then his gas of deceit begins to poison your mind because you disobeyed and pretty soon you're totally off the track!--And if you don't really repent and stop, you could eventually go all the way back on the Lord!

Don't let it happen to you! Be faithful to the Lord. Be faithful to the Voice of God. Be faithful to His Work, the particular ministry He's called you to.--Be loyal! "resist the Enemy and he will flee from you!" (Jam.4:7) Don't give him an inch or he'll take a mile--or more and everything you've got! "Give no place to the Evil One!" (Eph.4:27) Amen?

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