Man at a fork in the road.

God gives us the majesty of personal choice, to go His way or our own!

If the Lord had wanted robots, He could have made everybody love Him, but He made us with free choice and a free will so we could choose to love Him! This is the age of grace in which we have to make our own decisions to love and serve Him voluntarily. We have to voluntarily choose the Lord and His way, His Word.

The main reason we're here in the first place is to learn how to make decisions under God's guidance, from the Garden of Eden to the present. All of life is that way, that's why God put us here!--To make decisions and choices, to search for the right things and to try to find the right direction, to learn to follow Him and His leading in the right paths to His goal! This causes us to seek Him more in prayer, to ask Him for the answers. It makes us more dependent on Him as our Parent as we try to find the right way and to get the right answers and go the right direction, make the right choices!

He put us here in this World to make decisions, to do right or wrong. He tells us what's right and what is wrong, but then He doesn't make us do anything.--He lets us make the decisions.--So choose God's way!--Amen?

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