Faith is...

Faith is...


..believing in the unseeable. Faith is tranquil when it's very stormy. Faith is not passive, it acts out what it believes! Faith is asking for what you need. Faith is hearing the inaudible, seeing the invisible, believing the incredible and receiving the impossible. Faith is completely contrary to natural expectation and natural conditions! Faith is creating a vacuum in your heart for God to fill. Faith is not only believing that God can, but that God will! Faith is not surprised at the answer. Faith expected it to happen.

Faith is standing your ground when all others desert. Faith is burning your bridges so you cannot go back. Faith is willing to pay any price. Faith is doing what God tells you to do today and believing Him for tomorrow. Faith is the opposite of fear. Faith is choosing God in spite of all other possibilities. Faith is standing on God's Word and not your feelings. Faith is willing to die trusting. That's the kind of faith that gets healing and works miracles!

Faith is like a muscle that grows strong and supple with exercise. Faith is built by faithful study of God's Word!

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