Are you on the spot?--Turn around and put God on the spot!

Are you on the spot?--Turn around and put God on the spot!

The Lord loves to precipitate a crisis!--And He sometimes even lets things happen to make us pray and believe Him for the answer. He wants us to be specific and take a definite step of faith by making specific requests and expecting specific answers! Specific prayer puts both God and ourselves on the spot, but it is also a sign of our faith, which pleases God!

But some people are afraid to ask the Lord for definite answers to prayer for fear they won't get them, and then they'll be embarrassed because their prayers weren't answered!--And that might be a reflection on their spirituality or even hurt God's reputation! "What if He doesn't answer prayer? What will people think of our faith and our God?" So they just generalise in order not to be pinned down in case they don't get an answer!

But God loves to be put on the spot because He knows He'll never fail as long as we meet the conditions, exercise our faith in prayer and obey His Word. And when He answers, it will be a testimony to His Word and His faithfulness, as well as to our own faith in expecting a specific answer! So tell Him exactly what you need or want done, and He won't fail!

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