One of the greatest of healing factors is faith!

One of the greatest of healing factors is faith!

Your physical state of health is definitely dependent on your MENTAL state of health, and your mental health is largely dependent on your SPIRITUAL condition. In fact, some doctors estimate that emotional causes contribute to as much as 90% or more of all illnesses!

Fear, tension and hatred all breed the various psychological and nervous diseases as well as many of the natural physiological diseases like heart trouble, arthritis and stomach ulcers, all of which can be caused by worry, fear, bitterness, hatred, or a negative attitude toward life. These can all cause the literal building up of poisons in the body that in turn cause illnesses! In other words, your state of mind can actually poison your body. Science has proven this!

That is why faith is such a marvellous cure! Knowing that your Heavenly Father loves you, and that He's going to take care of you and yours--your family, your future, your job, everything--eliminates fear and gives you peace of mind, contentment of heart, a feeling of spiritual well-being and rest to your vital organs, which actually cause the elimination of poisons from your blood. Simple faith in God's Love is the best medicine there is!--Try it, you'll LIKE it!

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