Two happy people!

"A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth!" (Luke 12:15)

Living, the real thing, doesn't consist of things at all, because things cannot satisfy! They may temporarily satisfy the body but they can never satisfy the soul or the spirit of Man, which cries out to God its Father for the joy and happiness and the eternal fulfilment that only God can give and which He created us to enjoy!

If you think things will satisfy you, look at the unsaved rich!--They've got everything, yet something's missing because this World will never satisfy their souls. It can satisfy their bodies but not their hearts.--And when they do satisfy the flesh they're not happy for very long, because you have to keep satisfying the flesh. The more they get the more they want, because this World doesn't satisfy the needs of the spirit which only God can fill!

"Life," Jesus says, "is more than things!" It doesn't really matter how few or how many things you have! What really counts is love and joy and true happiness in your heart.--And the greatest of all riches, the most valuable thing in the World that you can possibly have is Jesus!

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