Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but God's Word will never pass away! (Matthew 24:35)

"Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but God's Word will never pass away!" (Matthew 24:35)

In especially trying times you should live more in the Word. You must put your faith in the Word. Then it wouldn't matter if everybody in the whole World backslides, if everybody in the whole World goes haywire, if the whole Heavens and the whole Earth pass away, you'll still keep going for God if your faith is in the Word!--No matter what happens, you will still stand if you stay on the firm foundation of God's Word! I can fail, you can fail, the whole World can fail, but God's Word will never fail! When everything is in chaos, and it seems like all is confusion and stormy--retreat into the Word.

Often if it were not for that tiny spark of faith, you'd just flicker out. When you get reinspired it's like God blowing on a little ember and bringing it back to life again. It comes so much through hearing the Word. "Faith cometh by hearing the Word!" (Romans 10:17) His Word is always a comfort, and the voice of His Spirit is always an encouragement in the hour of greatest trial.--Even when everything seems to have gone wrong and you're in danger, trouble or distress.

Isn't it wonderful to have God's Word for our encouragement? Thank God for the comfort of His Word!

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