Do you feed your body but starve your soul?

Do you feed your body but starve your soul?

Some people feed their body and lose their soul, such as the rich man in the Bible who stuffed his barns full of grain. God said to him, "Thou fool, this night shall thy soul be required of thee: Then whose shall all those things be?" (Lk.12:16-21) Having a full stomach and a full purse and a full head cannot give you a full heart. In fact, if you put the desires of the flesh above the needs of your spirit, then you will find that nothing ever satisfies! You will become as the world-famed poet, Lord Byron, who despaired at the height of his fame, "I have drunk of every fount of pleasure and quaffed every cup of fame, yet, alas, I die of thirst!"

Just like you have to eat in order to have physical strength, the good wholesome reliable spiritual food of God's Word is essential for your spiritual life, and you won't last long without it! You need a good feeding and feasting and drinking of it every day!

Though your outward man is perishing, is your inward man still growing--renewed every day with the life-giving flow of His Spirit with the nourishment of His Words?--"Taste and see, the Lord is good!" (2Cor.4:16; Isa.55:1,2; Psa.34:8)

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