Learn to live in the Lord's strength.

You must learn to live in the Lord's strength, you cannot live in your own!

If you try to do the Master's work without the Master's power, you're tackling an impossible task! You cannot strive and wrest in your own strength. You must look to the Lord in very earnest prayer for the strength and the spirit and inspiration to help you through, or you're apt to wear yourself out.

It's like the story of the small boy who was trying very hard to lift a heavy object when his father came into the room and asked him, "Are you using all your strength?" "Yes, of course I am," the boy impatiently exclaimed. "No, you're not," the father answered, "you haven't asked me to help you!"-- Even a little help from Jesus is a bigger help than everybody else can give you! A little help from the Lord is the biggest help you can get! And that's all the help we need, just a little help from Jesus. Just a little help from Jesus will make it right, all right! Without Him you're nothing, but with Him you're everything! (John 15:5; Phi.4:13)

"Give me a task too big, too hard for human hands, then shall I come at length to lean on Thee, and leaning find my strength."

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