God speaks through the Bible!

Let the Voice of His Word speak directly to you!

You can read a Scripture all your life without realising its meaning, until the Holy Spirit opens it to you and brings it to life! It's the voice of His Word when He gives it to you personally or He gives it to you in an answer.--He brings it to life, applies it to a situation and it suddenly becomes alive! It's no longer just mere words, or words that just run through your head, but all of a sudden you really get the point!

Have you ever read a passage and all of a sudden some verse or Scripture or word just hits you, "That's for me! That's the answer!"? God couldn't have spoken any more emphatically if He'd yelled it out or screamed it in your ear! It may have been written for somebody else 5,000 years ago, yet, all of a sudden, it hits you personally. The Holy Spirit grabbed ahold of that arrow, pulled back the bow and cut you to the heart!

He only has to speak the Word and it can unlock a whole situation and give you the key that unlocks the door that reveals the whole Truth! If there's a Scripture that fits the situation, He will give you the Scripture, the Word! He will use His Own Word to give you the answers. Thank the Lord for His Word!

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