Open doors.

God said He would open doors that no man could close! (Rev.3:8)

Circumstances and conditions are not always the final criteria or answer to finding the Will of God, but they are sometimes a helpful indication. Often this is how He gets us to do things: By closing some doors and opening others! So it's wise to ask yourself, which way does God seem to be leading? Where are the opportunities of service? Which direction does it seem that God is providing the way and the means?

Where God guides, He provides.--And where He's providing open doors, He's obviously guiding! He doesn't open doors that He doesn't want you to enter. God has certain set-ups which are golden opportunities. So don't fail God in failing to pursue those opportunities that He gives, the doors that He opens! As long as God is blessing you and making you fruitful and making you a blessing, pursue it! Go through such doors and take advantage of the golden opportunities!

Lead and guide us, Lord, according to what You know is best! If we follow Thy leading and Thy Will, Lord, then we know You'll open the doors and make the way and everything will work out according to Your Will!

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