Our spirits are contagious!

Our spirits are contagious!

Others around us will partake and be influenced by our spirits and our attitudes. If we are peaceful and trusting and patient and restful, full of faith, this is the way they will also react. This is why it's so important that we dwell on the positive, not the negative! Talk about the good things! (Phi.4:8) Be encouraging, loving, faithful and cheerful! Love begets love! It's wonderful what even a little smile can do, what a little love will do, even without a word. A little real love goes a long, long way!

Everybody has influence! One person walking in love will encourage others to do likewise! If you show love, others will catch the same spirit. It's such a catching thing--the Love of Christ in action! And it spreads from heart to heart. So God help us to influence others the right way!

If we live enough with God, like Moses did, a little of God will rub off on us too and we'll be happy and our faces will shine with joy and the Spirit of the Lord! (See Exo.34:29-34; Num.6:25,26.) That's the secret, it's the Spirit of the Lord! And if we shine forth with enough love, others will reflect it!

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