God's Word superior to man's.

"Beware lest you be led away from the simplicity of the Gospel!" (2Corinthians 11:3)

The first temptation of Man by the Devil was something to make Man supposedly wise!--Knowledge! (Gen.3:1-6) Likewise today, many books are written with the demonic Satanic wisdom of the Devil himself!--Cunningly devised to deceive and lead you astray, to pervert, warp and twist you spiritually to where you don't know what is true!

"God is not the author of confusion!" (1Cor.14:33) He likes things very simple. That's why it's wonderful to have the Bible as a guide. Then you know what's perverted and what's normal, what's right and what's wrong. But "the wisdom of this World is foolishness to God!" (1Cor.3:19)--And you cannot fill your mind and heart with Worldly wisdom, the foolishness of Man, without it affecting your spirit.--Just like you can't wade through the garbage and the gutter without getting besmirched. (See Col.2:8.)

Why waste time on complicated confused theories and thoughts of Man when the Bible is right there, so simple and direct and to the point?--Stick to the refreshing Water of the Word that feeds your soul, renews your mind, lifts your spirit, encourages your heart and purifies your whole being! Amen?

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