Teaching others

Our labours are not in vain! They're going to last a lot longer than some of us think!

What we're doing is important and it's not all going to be wasted. This preparation we're doing now is all a part of God's plan to pour us into His mold, to prepare us!

There's going to be a lot that's the same in the Coming World, especially during the soon-coming Kingdom of Christ on Earth in the Millennium. We'll not be absolutely totally perfect in the next World, we'll still be partly human and partly divine, and we'll still be using a lot of the knowledge, experience, talents, languages and skill that we have gained in this World. God's not going to waste all these years of training!

What we're doing is of eternal value! "Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven!" (Mat.6:20)--What treasures? He says we brought nothing into this World with us, and neither will we take anything out of it! (1Tim.6:7)--No material things, but we're going to take our children and the souls we win and our knowledge and experience and all of that with us, we'll still have that there!

Are you getting ready here and now for There and Then?--It won't be lost but used forever!

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