Joy in the presence of the Angels of God.

"Joy in the presence of the Angels of God." (Lk.15:10)

Each time a new soul is born into the Kingdom of God, it's almost like the birth of a child. Although the baby is delivered sometimes in pain, afterward the pain is forgotten in the delight of a new soul born into this World!--And the same joy, only greater, is experienced at the birth of a new spirit into the Kingdom of God! One saved soul makes all Heaven rejoice, and is certainly sufficient payment for all the hard work and sacrifices and a few little hard trials and tribulations that we may go through.

All Heaven rejoices and all the Angels rejoice more over one lost sheep that's found, each soul saved, than over all the ninety-and-nine and all the rest who are already saved and rescued! (Lk.15:7)

If the Angels of Heaven rejoice over every soul that's saved, they certainly must also rejoice over our obedience to God and our service for the Lord! When your time of reward and recognition comes, are the Heavens and the Angels of God going to jump for joy over your faithfulness and your diligent service for the Lord and your sacrificial giving?

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