Jesus loves you!

It's never too late for love!

The simple Love of God and each other can solve ALL of our problems! His Love is the answer to everything: It saves souls, forgives sins, satisfies hearts, purifies minds, redeems bodies, wins friends, and makes life worth living! It can survive almost any difficulty, difference, weakness, shortcoming, failure, fault, sin or obstacle. It's the only Truth, the only Way, and the only Peace!

Love even has creative power, because God is Love and He is the Creator! (1John 4:8) His Love can change wrecks of lives into wonderful, productive, happy, warm, glowing sons and daughters of God. It can do anything! Nothing can resist the power of love! Whatever it touches it changes. It changes everything. It's so beautiful! There's just nothing like it! It can change everything, heal every disease, cleanse every stain. It's all-powerful!

Love knows no hours nor days--Love is always! For Love is God, and God is always! It's like a stream, a river that just keeps flowing, no matter what, because of the Dew of Heaven--Jesus!!

"Ah, Love, I've found you at last
In my heart is a song!
I dreamed of love in the past
--I have waited for you so long!
Ah, Love everlasting, at last I've found Thee!"

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