To truly give is to give cheerfully!

To truly give is to give cheerfully!

God likes people who are cheerful givers, who give voluntarily because it makes them happy and because they know it pleases the Lord and they're helping others, expecting nothing for themselves in return. That kind of giving, true giving, can be the greatest of all pleasures, because as the purse is emptied, the heart is filled!

But when we don't give willingly, we don't give cheerfully, then we're not really giving.--Like the rich man who thought he was throwing a copper penny into the church offering bag, but suddenly noticed as it left his fingers that it was a gold sovereign! When he suddenly saw what he was losing, he tried to snatch it back, but the usher put his hand over the bag and said, "Oh no! Sorry! Once in, forever in!" So the rich man said, "Well, at least I'll get credit for the sovereign in Heaven!" "No you won't," said the usher: "You'll only get credit for the penny!"

"The Lord loveth a cheerful giver." (2Cor.9:7) We must give willingly and in love, if we want our giving to do any good and if we expect any credit for it from the Lord!

Are you going to give cheerfully? Then you will get a lot of credit for it!

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